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Production technology

Using the top raw material base in the industryReach the international high-quality product industry standard

  • Color recipe
  • Finishing after
  • Line making
  • QA/QC
  • Color recipe management:

    The color matching, production and optimization can be completed accurately by using Datacolor and wizard color matching system and automatic dripping device.

  • Finishing after dyeing:

    Full automatic Fong's dyeing vat is used, and the whole dyeing process is controlled by computer template to effectively ensure the accuracy and repeatability of color.

  • Line making and packaging:

    It is equipped with Swiss SSM high-speed threading equipment for all kinds of short fiber and filament varieties, so as to achieve accurate meter packaging and stable lubrication rate.

  • QA/QC:

    Raw materials and finished products pass through QA / QC inspection system, including all relevant physical and chemical indexes, to ensure high qualified rate of shipment.

Our Production Equipment & Workshop

We have advanced production equipment,equipped to produce high quality spun and filament products efficiently.

  • Production workshop
  • Production workshop
  • Production workshop
  • Production workshop
  • Production workshop
  • Production Workshop