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25+ Years Experience

Satisfying and adding value to customers is our basic concepts. We are so proud to have been the common choice of high and medium-end apparel customers.

Located in Jiashan economic development zone in Zhejiang province, Doeast Thread company covers 18,000 m² and produces 2,500 tons of sewing threads annually. Since 1994, the company has always focused on the study of dyeing technical management and color quality.


In the past ten years, DOEAST has provided OEM for many international sewing thread brands.

Our vision is to be the top thread supplier in China.


    Doeast is professionally providing customers with first-class colour choices. As the first option, we have 1209 popular shades for Staple Spun Polyester and Corespun. We also have 400 shades for Continuous Filament Polyester and Continuous Filament Nylon.


    Apart from good choices from shade cards, and in order to meet customer's special requirements, based on robust lab-dip process flow, we provide a quick response for dye-to-match service as well.


    According to the industry's high-quality standards, select the top raw materials, in the modern dyeing laboratory, use of “Data Color” management system, produce stable and controllable dyeing recipes.

    In the bulk dyeing workshop, through the use of a high-end fully automatic Fong's dyeing machine, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of color. In finishing workshop, equipped with all kinds of Swiss SSM high-speed winding equipment, to ensure that the product indicators, such as meters, lubrication and forming to achieve the preset control standard.

    According to the international standards of quality control management system, establishing of the QA/QC laboratory, from raw materials to the final product of the implementation of a full range of quality supervision, to maximize the protection of product quality.


    Spectrophotometer, dyeing central control system and recipe management system are three important tools for stable and accurate colour quality control. Testers of length, strength, twist, water fastness and lubrication content in the QA&QC department guarantee all finished goods to meet various standards of sewing threads. Regarding any complaints, we are able to trace back root causes and provide solutions!


    It is not occasional that Doeast Thread Company has chosen green for the company logo. We use environment-friendly dyestuff and chemicals throughout production process and strictly comply with all national and local regulations on waste water discharge and exhaust emission. Meanwhile, we constantly improve production process flow on energy saving and emission reduction. We promise that all products can meet health and safety standards made by Japan, U.S. and EU.


    Rich product structure: Staple Spun Polyester、Continuous Filament Polyester、Poly-Poly Corespun、Textured Polyester、Continuous Filament Nylon66、High Textured Polyester、High Textured Nylon、Cotton 100% thread、Mono-Filament Nylon、Anti-static、Flame Retardant、Waterproof


    Company specializing in the production and sales of all types of industrial sewing thread, variety and diverse, covering almost the market required all sewing thread category, mainly related to polyester, nylon and cotton.

    Different categories of product thickness range can meet the various needs of different thickness of fabrics and sewing operations. Suitable for use in all kinds of knitted and woven fabrics and leather.

    Rich fixed color card plus quick dye-to-match service can provide customers with more color options. Combined with a variety of special post-processing technology, can meet the special type of terminal needs. (such as flame retardant, waterproof,anti-static, etc.)

The high-class sewing thread supplier and facilitator in china

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