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Staple Spun Polyester and Corespun


Continuous Filament Polyester and Continuous Filament Nylon

Doeast is professionally providing customers with first-class colour choices. As first option, we have 1209 popular shades for Staple Spun Polyester and Corespun. We also have 400 shades for Continuous Filament Polyester and Continuous Filament Nylon.

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In addition to the color card as the first choice, our rich color database contains more than 100,000 mature formulas, which can provide accurate and fast proofing services to meet the special needs of customers for colors.

Color optimization

With the independent patent design of "ruise" color matching system, real-time monitoring and optimization of color formula, combined with the use of Datacolor system equipment, to ensure that the cylinder difference is controlled within a reasonable range. Different light sources can be freely switched to meet customer needs.